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Welcome to the home of Everest Recruitment

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Welcome to the home of Everest Recruitment

"We are one of the best recruitment agencies in Southampton, I wish I knew the exact formula, but whatever 'it' is, we have it! There is just something about our team, it works, and we work together and strive to become one of the top recruitment agencies in the UK. We challenge you to say otherwise and that's our promise." Ben Holder CEO of Everest Recruitment

Unlike many professional recruitment agencies, we offer dedicated recruitment services to the Healthcare Industry, specifically Care, Residential and Nursing Homes. This enables us to provide a more focused and dynamic recruitment solution tailored to the needs of your Home. Our personnel are experts in their fields committed to the needs and demands of this industry.

We are well known for our professional temporary service and Everest are fast becoming one of Southampton's most recognised temp recruitment agencies filling a number of jobs in Southampton area and beyond.


Your guarantee and our promise

We know we are one of the best executive recruitment agencies in Southampton and we are so confident in our ability to match the right candidates to work in your homes to provide continuity of care and the experience you need from an agency staff member working within your home to help your staff give the best care they can provide.

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